To be your great Circuit Board Partner

CHINA FORCE is a China PCB/PWB company supplying single-sided, double-sided & multilayer FPC/PCB/Rigid-Flex & Aluminium core(IMS/MCPCB) with good prices, quality & reliable service. We can also make 1.2m long FPC for LED lighting,      steel plate attached FPC, GSM/GPS/Wifi/BT antenna FPC & subcontract services for cutting PI/coverlay/stiffeners etc...   

  Services provided

PCB Prototype Service

Product prototype samples

Quick and functional samples with fastest delivery leadtime for Single-sided/Double-sided PCB/FPC with 5 working days.

Engineering PCB Samples

Repeated Engineering samples

Repeated prototype samples or small quantity quick samples leadtime for Single-sided/Double-sided PCB/FPC with 3-5 working days.

PCB delivery

Mass Volume Series Production

For volume series production demand, we always can keep our promise for a manufacturing leadtime of 2-3 weeks.

PCB mass volume

Express delivery order service

To support customer's Time-to-Market marketing strategy, we also offer Express delivery service with delivery in 5 working days for a small to medium volume production demand.

 Industries served

(Typ. applications)

    - Phone GSM/WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS Antenna : FPC
    - Phone/Tablet Volume control : FPC
    - Phone Camera : FPC with steel plate contacts

COMPUTERS products
(Typ. applications)

    - Motherboards : Rigid PCB
    - USB drive contact : Rigid PCB
    - Device controller card : Rigid PCB

LIGHTING products
(Typ. applications)

    - LED light bulbs : Aluminium based MCPCB
    - LED fluorescent tube : long FPC or Rigid PCB

(Typ. applications)

    - Optical sensor boards : Rigid PCB
    - Supermarket Sensor controller : FPC
    - Satellite receiver / controller : Rigid PCB

(Typ. applications)

    - GPS navigator : Rigid PCB
    - Car Radio / CD Player : FPC