To be your great Circuit Board Partner

CHINA FORCE is a China PCB/PWB company supplying single-sided, double-sided & multilayer FPC/PCB/Rigid-Flex & Aluminium core(IMS/MCPCB) with good prices, quality & reliable service. We can also make 1.2m long FPC for LED lighting,      steel plate attached FPC, GSM/GPS/Wifi/BT antenna FPC & subcontract services for cutting PI/coverlay/stiffeners etc...   

Your reliable Circuit Board Supplier

China Force is a PCB/PWB supplier. We manufacture and supply single-sided (SS), double-sided(DS) & multilayer (MLB) circuit boards. We always can offer low prices, good quality, quick/ fast delivery and reliable UL approved Flexible circuit boards (FPC), Rigid circuit boards (PCB), Rigid-Flex circuit boards (Rigid-FPC) & Aluminum metal core PCBs (MC PCB).

For different industrial applications, we also can supply Circuit Boards with different requirements such as extra length (<1.2m) FPC for LED lighting application; steel plates assembly for smartphone GSM/GPS/WiFi/BlueTooth Antenna and Camera applications etc. Besides, we can also provide the Circuit Board subcontracting services for cutting of Polyimide, Coverlay, Stiffeners & Steel plates etc.

China Force is eagerd to support our customers’ product developments. We can produce Quick Turnaround Engineering Circuit Board samples, prototype FPC/PCB/MCPCB samples during new product development stage and introduction stage. We produce the quantity from Small quantity to Medium quantity to Volume production.

We are an experienced specialized PCB manufacturer, we emphasized to providing our customer a Satisfactory Manufacturing Partnership Solution.

Various circuit boards designs

Quality & REliability

All goods are 100% E-tested and inspected by experienced staffs. Our production system complied with ISO9000 and ISO14000.


Various services types of FPC and PCB products including manufacturing feasibility, rapid sample build service for prototype and engineering support.


Fast response to inquiry and quotation; Quick logistic support to emergency delivery in order to support customer's Time-to-Market strategy